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L.T. Institute of Preventive Medicine
L.T. Organic Farm and Clinic

32513 Ute Avenue
Waukee, IA 50263



We are located on I-80. We are five minutes from West Des Moines

Why our CSA

Once weekly when you are here we harvest your food. This ensures you know who handles your food and guarantees your produce is locally-grown, fresh-harvested, and vine-ripened, directly from the plant to your plate. This optimizes maximum bioavailability of nutrients.

While your produce is harvested you learn all about their nutrients and their health benefits plus hands on cooking in our kitchen along with sampling of the dish. Also we teach you how to can and preserve food for winter. Now you are ready to nourish your bodies and build your immune systems through out the year.

About LT Organic Farm

LT Organic farm established 1996 by Cardio-Pulmonary Specialist LalbhowandatTiwari (LT) and his wife, Ahilia, a Registered Nurse. In order to dignify their formal educations they retired from clinical – hospital based medicine and embarked on the practice of preventive medicine in their community. After 13 years of research and self imposed education, guided by ambition to heal, cure, reverse and prevent the manifestations of all chronic and degenerative diseases and dysfunctions the Bhramdats started LT Organic Farm / Clinic / LT Institute of Preventive Medicine.

Why Organic farming

Vegetables must be locally grown fresh harvested vine ripened directly from the farm to the kitchen table in order to get the optimal nutrients to build our immune systems and keep us diseased free. Everyday organic produce sits in warehouses and supermarket shelves, the essential nutrients needed to strengthen our immune systems are destroyed.

How much of your vegetables are locally grown fresh harvested and eaten the same day? How much of your produce and fruits are vine ripened? This is why some of us spend more on medications than food. This is why the Bhramdat’s turn to Organic (CSA) farming. Animals and fishes are what they eat. When we alter the diets and habits of any creature we alter their health and their bodies. These alterations change the nutritional content of their flesh significantly. Eating these nutritionally compromised foods weakens our immune systems. Our weakened immune systems result in the manifestations of chronic and degenerative diseases and dysfunctions.

How much of your meat and fish were pasture grazed, free ranged and/or wild? Knowledge erases ignorance. Let us empower you for a long healthy life. This is why the Bhramdats turn to (CSA) farming. The time is now, get involve today, call, limited room available. How the Bhramdats accomplish their goals?

LT Organic Farm comprehensive CSA program is like no other farm and preventive medicine program in the country; it comprises of:

  • seasonally grown and freshly harvested produce daily
  • raise free-ranged poultry
  • pasture grazed goats and lamb
  • offers cooking classes for all members
  • offers nutrition workshops daily during summer for all members
  • offers meal management programs for all members
  • offers weight management programs
  • offers support group for all members
  • provides organic farm restaurant
  • promotes vegetarian diet
  • promotes none vegetarian diet
  • offers pasture grazed diary
  • offers pasture grazed grass finished beef
  • offers hoop- house pork
  • offers therapeutic gardening

The Pillars of preventive medicine are

  • what, when and how much to eat and drink like peasants
  • personal hygiene
  • ambition
  • socialization
  • extended family involvement; very old with very young…
  • activity not exercise
  • spirituality
  • to be needed, appreciated, loved, respected and cared for

The Pillars of preventive medicine is known globally as peasant life style

CSA Membership benefit includes

  • Weekly basket of locally grown, fresh harvested, vine ripened, organic vegetables cost less than wholesale price—this is called CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) or Vegetable Co-op
  • Regular cooking classes; vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes; from June to August
  • Support group available to enable you to achieve immune health & weight management goals
  • Access to meat, fish, and animal products from natural ecosystem, free ranged, wild and with humane farm practice in natural habitats
  • Therapeutic gardening, optional to assist in harvest, it’s educational for the entire family
  • Nutrition classes addressing immune health, cancer, heart diseases, obesity, ADHD, autism, pregnant mothers, and many other subjects for the entire family
  • Wellness, fitness, weight management, and meal management for all Leisure Time Gardening program is available
  • This concept of gardening entails little to no weeding, no insensible lost of water, little space and little to no gardening skills.
  • Jungle gardening
  • Trench gardening
  • Cinder block gardening
  • Post gardening
  • Square foot gardening
  • Vertical multi-layered gardening

The goal here is teach you to eat and live like peasants; that are disease free, healthy, active, lean, and strong and medication free.