Preventive Medicine

Check out our Preventive Medicine Program taught by Cardiac and Pulmonary Specialist, Registered Nurse and cooking instructor, and organic farmers! This program includes cooking classes, therapeutic gardening, and our CSA program of locally grown, fresh harvested, organic vegetables. 

This  program, started in 1996, by Cardiac and Pulmonary Specialist, Registered Nurse and Cooking Instructor, plus Organic Farmers

Program membership for individuals and families includes…

  • Weekly basket of locally grown, fresh harvested, vine ripened, organic vegetables cost less than wholesale price—this is called CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) or Vegetable Co-op
  • Daily cooking classes; vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes; from June to August
  • Support group available to enable you to achieve immune health & weight management goals
  • Access to meat, fish, and animal products from natural ecosystem, free ranged, wild and with humane farm practice in natural habitats
  • Therapeutic gardening, optional to assist in harvest, it’s educational for the entire family
  • Nutrition classes addressing immune health, cancer, heart diseases, obesity, ADHD, autism, pregnant mothers, and many other subjects for the entire family
  • Wellness, fitness, weight management, and meal management for all

Keep these few facts in Mind

  • Alternative medicine offers hope, hope does not build our immune system
  • Supplements are what they are—snake oils, hope, and placebo
  • Cardiovascular workout is a medical life threatening activity and accounts for tens of thousands of sport injuries annually
  • Raw food is nutritional starvation insulting the immune system
  • Drinking 8-12 glasses of water is cardiac, hypertensive and homeostasis ignorance
  • Fats are essential for healthy immune system, mental health, plus optimal brain activities
  • Farmers fatten animals with carbohydrates plus inactivity in preparation for the butcher
  • Cancers are caused by poor immune health and so are all chronic and degenerative diseases and dysfunctions. They are all reversible, curable & preventable
  • Nothing is wrong with our genes, it’s all about food, activity, socialization, and spirituality

Everyone of all age groups and of all health status is welcome.

Alternative to Medicine…Traditional Foods!

Food is a basic human need. Issues surrounding how, where, or by whom it is grown are generally the topics of conversation around the dinner table. Food in the U.S. travels an average of 1,300 miles from the farm to the market shelf. Almost every state in the U.S. buys 85-90% of its food from elsewhere. Most importantly, when our fruits and vegetables are not allowed to ripen on the plants they are deprived of a significant amount of nutrient. Only plants manufacture the over 300 different nutrients our bodies need. Warehouses do not manufacture nutrients; plants do. Increased consumption of locally grown foods is the best and oldest alternative to medicine know to man. From the 1940’s to now, we have seen a steady increase in acute and chronic diseases and new syndromes as the taste, flavor and nutrient are compromised in our food. Community Supported Agriculture represents the ultimate alternative to traditional solution to the long-distance relationship we have with the food we eat. The magic in food is called nutrient; nutrient builds immune systems and heals bodies.

Call 515-987-3561 or e-mail to make appointment for program details. Enrollment information and schedules will be available.